Group insurance for self-employed – soon something for you?


By Sarah Delafortrie, Christophe Springael 

Published on 06/10/2017

Annex to the Council of Ministers of 6 October 2017


The Ministerial Council, on proposal of Finance Minister Johan Van Overtveldt, approves a preliminary draft law that regulates the tax concession of the new supplementary pensions for self-employed persons.


In accordance with the government agreement, self-employed persons   who are now active as natural persons have the opportunity to acquire a second pillar, similar to those of independent managers, in addition to their free supplementary pension for self-employed persons (VAPZ). The draft bill, approved today, governs the fiscal hatch of those new supplementary pensions for self-employed persons. In the area of ​​income taxes, this includes:


  • The contributions for the supplementary pension are eligible for a federal tax deduction to 30%

  • The amount of contributions eligible for a tax reduction is determined in accordance with an adjusted 80% rule


  • The benefits from the earliest possible retirement age or due to the death of the affiliates are, in principle, taxed in the income tax at the rate of 10%


It is also proposed to submit contributions and premiums to the annual tax on insurance operations at the rate of 4.4%.


The preliminary draft is submitted to the Council of State for advice.