New bank account number for prepayments

Both for companies as individuals, the bank account number for prepayments changes in tax year 2020 (2019): BE61 6792 0022 9117 from ‘Inningscentrum – Dienst Voorafbetalingen, Koning Albert II-laan 33, bus 42, 1030 Schaarbeek’.

The structured communication for natural individuals and self-employed (who were using their national number for identification of their prepayments) will be changed and will be noted on the payment invitations.

There is a transition measurement for companies were the fiscal years doesn’t coincides with the calendar year and for companies were the remaining days of fiscal year 2019 are after the 31st of December 2018.

The payments made after this date, but still before tax year 2019, must be payed on the existing account: BE20 6792 0023 3056 – ‘Dienst Voorafbetalingen- vennootschappen’. These companies need to make their first payment on the new bank account number starting from tax year 2020.

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What with your salary if you are a business leader in two companies?

There is such thing called the ‘ fine ‘ on wage deficit (5.1%), this appears if the company does not meet the minimum remuneration of €45,000, or at least the taxable profit as a remuneration to the business leader if this is lower than €45,000.

If you are the manager of two or more (connected) companies then there is a special arrangement. According to this scheme, a total remuneration of €75,000, instead of the number of companies multiplied by €45,000, is sufficiënt.

Imagine you are a manager in two connected companies. In one company you have a remuneration, in the other you don’t. In this case, it is not always wise to have a salary in both companies (and thus avoid the fine) as this can result in a higher income tax. It might increase the persons taxes is greater amount than avoiding the fine.

An illustrative example:

You are a manager in two companies, a bvba and a nv. From the bvba you retrieve a wage of €55,000, from the nv for the time being, nothing. Set the nv has a taxable profit of €100,000. To meet the requirements you would also have to pay a wage of at least €20,000 to avoid the fine. However the fine only is €1,020 (5.1% of 20.000) while the increase in personal tax amounts to €10,800.

Source: (2018)